Tuesday, January 17, 2012


HAIR: >TRUTH< Mariska - coffee
SKIN: {.essences.} Kandia (Fashionably Late) -NEW- <3
  skintones: Peach, Porcelain, Medium & Cocoa (they come with or without hairbase)
  Other things you will find in the main box: blush (nude, pink sherbet), Eyelashes Coral Mascara,
  4 different pubic hairs, 2 different type of freckles, - hairbase option - as tattoo layer).
  Extra Options:
  - Smokey Eyes (Azure, Pigment Green, Plume, Sunglow, verdigris) ;
  - Lipstick (Red, Nude, Goth, Cyborg, Razzmatazz, Regalia, Sangria, Stormcloud) ;
  - Shape *modify
TOP-MINI-PANTIES:  The Bishes - Stripper Collection -NEW- <3
TATTOO: [JB] Juicy Box - Selvagem Tattoo -NEW- <3
SHOES: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Black